Geraldton Air Charter with its large and varied fleet of aircraft is able to provide an aircraft suitable to your needs and budget.
Geraldton Air Charter is proud of its reputation in providing "affordable excellence" in our charter service. Consider some of the advantages of chartering:
  • Reduced time enroute -for example — 1 hour 40 mins by air to Carnarvon instead of five hours by road
  • Immediate departureat your preferred time
  • No waiting in departure lounges
  • Ability to fly to multiple destinationsin the one day
  • Ability to fly to destinations not serviced by major airlines
  • Privacy in the aircraft for business discussion
  • Your representatives arrive refreshed
  • Eliminates the necessity for overnight accommodation with related expenses for your staff.

Our twin engine aircraft are capable of being operated during day or night hours, and our single engine aircraft during daylight hours. Geraldton Air Charter is the major carrier of the families, friends, guests and employees of Government Departments and Agencies during the Abrolhos Islands all year round. Our GA8 Airvans are extremely suited to the challenging operations into the Abrolhos Islands, and seats can be removed to facilitate the carriage of bulky items of luggage, fishing rods and surf boards. If you are planning to board a private or charter boat at the Abrolhos, contact us to make a booking. We pride ourselves on our friendly and co-operative service to the Abrolhos Islands!
Aerial Work
Our fleet of aircraft and experienced pilots are also available for many types of aerial work
We provide aircraft and pilots for aerial photography, with clients including local newspapers and television companies and well known photographers. Our GA8 Airvans are ideal for photography, being able to be flown at very low speeds, with no vibration, and the ability to fly with the large back sliding door open which provides unrestricted vision for photographers and TV camera persons. Our Cessna 172 can also be used for aerial photography and this is often flown with the door off to ensure good photos. Our aircraft are also used for aerial survey, with the GA8 Airvans being ideally suited for any oil, gas or mineral aerial exploration. These aircraft are also used for bush fire surveillance, flood and fauna survey and whale watching during the migration season. Geraldton Air Charter is a preferred supplier for the Geraldton region for the Department of Fire and Emergency Service Authority.
To see some of our clients’ aerial photography taken from our aircraft, or with our supplied pilots, please go to Graeme Gibbons websites
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