Our Fleet

Geraldton Air Charter operates a total of eight aircraft from our new premises situated in the new Northern Precinct of the Geraldton Airport. The City of Geraldton-Greenough is the largest city north of Perth and is located on Australia’s Coral Coast. It is the Mid-West's hub for Business, Farming, Mining and Fishing and is a rapidly expanding, vibrant community.

Our fleet includes

Piper Chieftain, PA-31

This twin-engine, high-speed, unpressurised, charter aircraft operates under both the VFR and IFR categories for Geraldton Air Charter. With its extended range and versatility, it offers ideal seating arrangements for both corporate clients and sizable travelling groups.

Carrying up to eight passengers over 1000 km this aircraft is the finest way to travel throughout Western Australia and beyond.

Features include:

  • 159kg of luggage space
  • 325 km/hr cruise speed
  • Up to 4 hours flight endurance
  • Up to 8 passengers
  • In-flight beverages and refreshments are supplied

Beechcraft Bonanza, A36

The Beechcraft Bonanza is a rare commodity amongst air charter operators within Australia, yet is renowned for its fast pace and short field operations. Such a modern and economical single-engine aircraft, it is suited to accommodate up to 5 passengers over 900 km within 4 hours.

Operating under the VFR category only, it remains a perfect family or business charter option for destinations to large metropolitan and remote locations.

Features include:

  • 305km/hr cruise speed
  • Over 900 km range
  • Adjustable work benches for the business traveller
  • In-flight beverages and refreshments are supplied

Gippsland Aeronautics Airvan, GA8

Geraldton Air Charter is the proud owner of three single-engine, Australian manufactured Airvans. These rugged aircraft are versatile, extremely reliable and ideal for operations into the Abrolhos Islands and for scenic tours, freight services, aerial photography and surveying. The Airvan is ideal for scenic tours with high wings, each passenger having a window seat, viewing through large clear windows. Headsets are supplied to each seat for a commentary by our experienced and knowledgeable pilots.

Renowned for its utilitarian design, the GA8 Airvan suits all parts of the Australian landscape, from short and rough field landings to being the ideal platform for aerial surveillance and photography. The ability of the aircraft to fly with the back door open and at low speeds makes it an ideal aircraft for aerial photography. The large and spacious passenger cabin can be transformed into cargo configuration within minutes and it is also suitable for medical evacuations.

Features include:

  • 203 km/hr cruise speed
  • Over 5 hour flight endurance
  • Over 900 km travelling range
Cessna Company 172, C-172 XP
C172 are operated by GAC.

This moderate and well respected C-172 XP charter and scenic aircraft is the all-rounder operator for short or long haul, from island hops to small outback strips. With a high level capability, this Cessna can be used for aerial photography and for aerial survey. Currently used within the Geraldton Air Charter for a wide range of purposes, our clients can’t go wrong with this multi-talented aircraft.

Features Include:
  • 203km/hr cruise speed
  • Up to 5 hours flight endurance
  • Up to 1000 km travelling distance